ActiveTO in the City

ActiveToronto engages people to get healthy and active in our city. No matter what season it is, there is always something fun and interesting to do out there. Sports, recreational activities, mental wellness practices and health and fitness shows and events are just some of the things we have at our disposal.

How to get active in Toronto:

-Join a sports league – There is a whole variety of different sports leagues available to join in the city. Hockey, basketball, volleyball, football and baseball leagues are just a few examples.

-Participate in a recreational activity – If you aren’t interested in competitive sports, try a recreational activity that is fun and still gets you to exercise. Boating, biking and fishing are some of the more popular ones.

-Try something new – There is so much to do in Toronto beyond the more common sports and recreational activities. Try rock climbing, martial arts, axe throwing, jungle gyms or whatever else that might interest you. Find something using the ActiveTO Interactive Map.

-Visit your local gym – There are gyms all over the place in our city, whether it’s big name brands like Goodlife Fitness and LA Fitness, or the smaller local companies, the options are numerous. Find a gym using the ActiveTO Interactive Map.

-Get outdoors – Toronto is a very seasonal city and as a result there are so many different types of activities. For example, there’s swimming and boating in the summer and skating and skiing in the winter.

-Keep up to date with events – There is always something exciting happening in Toronto. Health and fitness events, foodie events, festivals and parties. Keep up to date using the ActiveTO Events Calendar.



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