ActiveTO For Pets

ActiveToronto promotes healthy and active living for pets too. Whether it’s a cat or dog, it’s so important to make sure they are at optimum health, for their own well being and for your relationship with them too.

How to keep your pets healthy:

– Pet Focus – Every Sunday, ActiveToronto posts an article related to pet health. Stay up to date on the latest pet health news.

– Feed your pet a healthy diet – There are a lot of pet food choices: dry, wet, and moist foods, raw diets, supplements, and treats. Your vet is the best source to ask about your pet’s diet to make sure it is complete and well balanced. When choosing a food, think about cost, your pet’s health, and your own preferences. Just remember that cats and dogs have to eat meat to get important nutrients. So even if you are a vegetarian, your pet is not.

– Watch the calorie intake – How many calories a pet needs each day depends on their age, activity level, and health. Cat and dog foods can range from less than 300 calories to more than 700 calories per cup. Make sure you are not overfeeding or underfeeding your pet.

–  Keep your pet fit and active – Your pet should be getting more than 30 minutes of activity a day. Even if your pet doesn’t need to lose weight, there are other health reasons for pets to stay active. Regular play can prevent boredom that could lead to destructive behavior.

– Monitor your pet closely – Your pet doesn’t speak a human language and it’s not always obvious that something may be wrong. Keep a close eye on their behaviour, how active they are, how much they are eating and how consistent they are in going to the washroom. Look for unusual signs, they usually indicate something may be wrong.

– Maintain a rewarding relationship  – It’s great if your pet is well behaved. Just remember that you need to keep giving your pet your time and attention. Give your pet regular play time, activity, and new challenges. Your cat will have a better quality of life. And you’ll be rewarded with the kind of loving bond that is the best part of sharing your home with a pet.




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