ActiveTO At Home

ActiveToronto encourages people to get active and healthy at home. People often think that you get fit by going to the gym, but there are several initiatives that can be done at home to help promote a path of health, wellness and fitness.

Healthy Habits:

– Keep moving – Try to move around a lot, don’t be a couch potato.

– Use your kitchen – Prepare healthy meals and snacks at home rather than resorting to junk food or take out.

– Plan ahead – Plan out meals for the week and prepare healthy snacks ahead of time.

– Read the labels – Educate yourself on what ingredients to avoid on food labels so that you make smart, informed choices when grocery shopping.

– Become a green thumb – Start planting and gardening, both indoors and in your backyard.

– Drink high quality water – City tap water is filled with harmful chlorine, fluoride and other chemicals. Get a high quality water filter for your home.

– Keep exercise gear out in the open – Keep any exercise gear you have out in the open so you will be more encouraged to use it. Try to mix a work out in while watching TV.

– Play with your kids and pets – Get exercise by playing with your kids and your pets, avoid being lazy with them.

– Get outdoors – Make time for recreational activities, go for a walk, get some fresh air and take in some sunlight.


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