10 Ancient Tips for Boosting Immunity That Everyone Should Be Doing

humans have been maintaining healthy practices for the mind and body all the way back to ancient times. These days, it seems like we are losing touch with ourselves and our health. Look to the past and follow these 10 ancient tips for boosting health!


The best gravity based water filters

While tap water in Toronto is certainly better than most other places, there are still issues with heavy metals, fluoride levels, pharmaceutical compounds and other questionable products. Take a look at the link below to find out what your best options are for a counter top gravity based water filter. They truly do make a big difference!


Pet Focus: What turmeric can do for your pet

Turmeric and curcumin (the key compound in turmeric) are incredibly healthy for humans, but did you know that your animals could benefit greatly from taking it too? Do your animal friend a favour and start adding it to their food, it will help them all around and you’ll have a happier and healthier friend and even avoid vet bills.


Recipe Wednesdays: Do It Yourself Granola Bars

While tasty, commercial granola bars have a whole range of compounds that aren’t exactly health. Corn syrup, artificial sugars, preservatives are just some of the things you ideally wouldn’t want in a granola bar. Making them yourself allows you to put anything you want, including tastier, healthier, fresher ingredients. It’s easier than you think! Take a look at some of the recipes below to inspire you to make some awesome homemade granola bars!


Grapefruit juice protects against weight gain and diabetes

When it comes to weight loss, all the little efforts make a difference. New studies show that grapefruit juice can protect against weight gain and be an effective replacement for pharmaceuticals in the battle against diabetes. Moral of the story, get more grapefruit, just watch out the juice doesn’t sting your eyes!